Corals Activity

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Participate in a challenge or activity below and be entered to win great ocean prizes!  Good for ages 3-103!  Solidify your knowledge with hands on activities.  Snap a photo of your finished activity and submit your results here for a chance to win one of many great ocean-friendly prizes offered by O.N.E and The Fishes Wishes! Prizes can be seen here



Check out the Corals...


See the videos below that show progress made by Mote Marine Laboratoy and Aquarium and the Florida Aqurium for more information on local coral breakthroughs!  And do some research on your own into ocean warming, ocean acidification and what causes coral bleaching.




Coral Polyp Cupcakes


Click here for a fun Coral Polyp Cupcakes activity from Florida Aquarium for children in grades K and above.

Objectives are that students will be able to:

  • name the basic parts of a coral polyp
  • demonstrate understanding that a coral reef is a large colony of coral polyps
  • describe variations within reef habitats
  • cite why corals are so important to the ocean

Coral Word Search

  • find all the words in the word search
  • define the words for an additional raffle entry!