Hope Spot Week!

Celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of the launch of the Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot!  Let's dive in deep together and learn about local efforts and initiatives to protect our Hope Spot.  Spend this week exploring the exceptional organizations that are working toward protecting your waters and learn about their recent breakthoughs.  Then participate in one of our main events with Dr. Sylvia Earle and experts from these organizations.  There's something for all ages! Immerse yourself this week in thought provoking activities and challenges! And set aside time to enjoy the Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot and the natural beauty of our shorelines.  Catch a sunset, dip your toes in the water and listen to the sound of the birds and waves.  Observe your surroundings and appreciate your time in an area that many others only dream of visiting!

Discover the "nasty nine" top threats to our local waters.  Learn about the science behind them from Dr. Tracy Fanara, a.k.a.  Inspector Planet, and from short films provided by Sarasota based Youth Making Ripples.

Coral breakthroughs, blue holes, living shorelines, sea turtles and preservation!  Learn what organizations along the Florida Gulf Coast are doing to protect our Hope Spot and the species that rely on it.

What can you do to protect our Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot?  Activities on land can directly affect the health of our waters.  Learn how you can help here.

Participate in these educational and fun activities to learn more about the Florida Gulf Cost Hope Spot and the species within it.  Qualify to win ocean-friendly prizes!

Ocean-friendly raffle items and prizes are provided by O.N.E. and The Fishes Wishes.  Check them out here!