What can you do?

How can you help protect the Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot?

Participate in the 10 simple things you can do to help our oceans below...

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Why use ocean-friendly sunscreen?

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What can you do to save sea turtles?

Learn what actions you can take to help save sea turtles.


What can you do to protect seagrasses?

Healthy seagrasses are vital for the ecosystem, water quality and the ecomony.  Approximately 70% of Florida’s fish species rely on seagrasses for at least art of their life cycle.  Learn more about why seagrasses should be preserved and what  actions you can take to help protect them...

What can you do to protect the environment?

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Anything else?  Yes...

  1. Participate in a beach clean-up
  2. Organize a beach clean-up
  3. Keep microplastics out of the water
  4. Reduce fertilizer usage
  5. Advocate for sustainable practices in your town.  Encourage them to become Beacon Cities!
  6. Follow safe boating practices
  7. Be mindful of and practice sustainability in your everyday life!
  8. Engage with elected officials to make sure they know environmental health is important to you
  9. Volunteer with local organizations working to protect the waters
  10. Donate to non-profit ocean conservation organizations
  11. Support research activities
  12. Learn about the challenges and solutions to our waters and help spread the word to others